About Us

About UsAbout Us
We are a locally owned company in Galway. We pride ourselves on being professional and providing a quality service to both residential and commercial accounts. We operate with a very detailed checklist that must be accepted and completed by our cleaners. Providing services within Galway for the past 5 years predominantly focusing on short-term accommodation, end of tenancy, and construction cleans. Cloverleaf provides superior quality services at very competitive rates. Whether you are a homeowner renting an Airbnb, a property manager with multiple properties, or a commercial business, we tailor our services to suit your situation.

Why choose us ?
  • A restored asset to your home or business.
  • A safe and non-slip surface to walk on for you, visitors or employees reducing your liability exposure.
  • No unsightly striping and damage to the top surface or sub surface.
  • A professional and no-mess reliable first class service and finish.
  • Add value to your property if you're wishing to sell.
  • We work in unison with local property management services and laundry & linen cleaning services